Algae Buster

This product is ideal for treating algal scums, rafts and blanket weed. It works on contact & releases oxygen as a bi product of its contact with water. The product has also been used in aquaculture for its oxygenation, disinfection and anti parasitic properties.

It is a granular product that is sprinkled on to the surface of the water / blanket weed. Algae Buster works on contact and results can be instant.  Dose rate for small areas of blanket weed are 50 g per square metre. The dose rate for one acre is 125 kg, repeat doses after 2 to 3 weeks may be necessary to treat algae that was missed first time around or if the blanket weed is very dense. Usually you don't need to apply regularly, a single dose will clear up ponds and lakes.

Please note that the dose rate is per acre of blanket weed, not per acre of water.
Please contact us for advice on exact dose rates and discounts on bulk orders.
The cost of Algae Buster is; 1kg £25.00, 20kg £100.00 & 125kg (enough for 1 acre) £410.00 plus delivery and vat.
Barley Straw Extract

This product is derived from barley straw and it is used to suppress the growth of aquatic algae and blanket weed.

Initial Dose Rate
The extract should initially be added at 8l per acre of water surface.
The best method to ensure even distribution is to mix the extract with clean pond water at a rate of 1:5 i.e. 5l of clean water to 1l of extract.
This should be applied via evenly via a knapsack sprayer.
Alternatively the extract can be added to an water inlet or the water outlet of a bank sited pump. 
Regular applications of 2l per acre should continue throughout the growing season. 
To get the best results from barley Straw extract spring / early summer application is advisable.
Barley straw extract is £37.50 for 25l plus delivery and vat.
Water Weed Cutter
The Cutter has been specially designed to quickly and easily cut away weed with out fouling in rivers, canals and ponds both upstream and downstream

Its spring steels blade are serrated on both edges and as each blade is twisted there is always a cutting edge presented to the weed. Extremely light, a set of nine blades weighing under 5 kilos, including the chains. Clearweed is easy to handle and can be carried in a car boot.

Cutting upstream, all weed can be cleared by using the cutter on the river bed. Cutting downstream a controlled amount of weed, if need to provide aquatic life for fish can be left. The slower the Cutter is used the deeper the cut.

Made up in 36 inch sections to any required length. Chain weights supplied free. The standard length is nine sections making up 27 feet, units can be joined to make longer cutters
£200.00 plus vat.
Aquatic Dyes

Aquatic weeds & algae often cause serious problems in ponds, interfering with fishing, boating, swimming, and irrigation. Extremely dense growths of filamentous algae and submerged weeds may cause serious problems to fish as a result of night time oxygen depletion.

Manual algae prevention is very labour intensive and not always practical. The use of chemicals, algaecides, herbicides etc, if not used in precise doses or under strict supervision by experts, can have a negative effect on fish, plants and other species.

We are using Aquatic dyes as an economic method of controlling algae & submerged plant growth in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. The results have been amazing!

The specially formulated dyes reduce the light available to the plants leading to their eventual physiological exhaustion and death, hence remediating the problem.

AJS Fisheries has used these dyes to remove both algae & weed growth from ponds and lakes ranging from ½ an acre to 20 acres.

The dye costs per acre are as follows:

Aqua Blue including application £300.00
Blue Black including application £350.00

The cost for larger lakes is cheaper with economies of scale working i.e.
The dye cost for 5 acres are as follows;
Aqua Blue including application £1000.00
Blue Black including Application £1200.00

For larger water bodies contact us for a quote.
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