GIRTON COMPLEX (Classic Carp Limited)

Girton Pits Fishery, Gainsborough Road, Girton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG23 7HX

Fishing information

The fishery comprises of three gravel pits totalling 200 acres.

Girton A is the main lake is a modern dry dug gravel pit hence the lake has a lot of deeper water. The lake has many features to fish. There are probably four hundred carp in Girton A at present to mid thirties. This water will be developed as a commercial day ticket venue offering carp anglers the opportunity to fish for some stunning fish in quiet and uncrowded conditions. The stocking will start autumn winter 2015 and there will be a large number of young farmed fish being introduced to both lakes.

While the works are being completed the lake is available on a limited syndicate basis. This gives the anglers a unique opportunity to pioneer the water before it gets busy.

Girton B: The Sailing Lake is 115 acres of old style gravel pit lots of variations, bars, islands spits, plateaus and loads of undergrowth. The lake contains a small numbe r of carp but there could be a proper lump in there. Proper CARPY fishing. If you like to hide away and be at one with nature this is worth a look.

Girton C: Georges Lake to the north of the venue is a fairly new water of 25 acres. This is another modern dug pit with plenty of depth. The lake has only opened to anglers from June of this year. There are a fair number of carp in the lake to mid thirties but most have never been caught.


Site specific rules

Girton A: dogs are allowed.
Girton B: no fishing while sailing is in progress and no access to sail-ing base.
Girton C: barrow access only.