Water Test Kits

We happy to offer the water testing kits we use for our day to day monitoring of our fish farm and fisheries. The kit allows you to quickly check eight water quality parameters including; Oxygen, temperature, Ph, ammonia, nitrite and hardness and it’s easy to use.

Under the new CEFAS (DEFRA) bio-security measures we are obliged to carry out regular monitoring of our waters which now total over thirty. We needed a system that offered accurate results, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

The system we offer will allow you to keep a good record of water quality parameters in your waters and help to provide early warnings of any looming water quality issues.

I have no hesitation in offering this system as a good practical and cost effective way of looking after your fish remember over 90% of fish problems start with water quality.

(plus delivery and vat)

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Zip Cages

The AJS Fisheries zip cages are without doubt the best fishing holding nets we have every used. Designed and built out of necessity and tested over the last 15 years we are now happy to offer them for sale.

The nets are constructed from a soft material that is as fish friendly as possible. The one metre cubic capacity gives plenty of fish storage and the nature of the material allows a good water exchange maintaining optimum water quality conditions for the fish. The cages are easy to handle in and out of the water.

The large lid retaining zip means that once your valuable stock are zipped up they are not going anywhere. Ideal for grading, setting up orders or short term stock retention.

The cages are supported by a plastic push fit floatation collar allowing good buoyancy and the ability to collapse the cages at the end of a hard days netting for stowage.


Full zip cage including floatation collar and heavy duty zip: £100.00

Spare net mesh: £75

Spare collar: £35
Extra foam floatation for collar: £25

Our cages are black in colour however green ones are available as a special order POA.

(Prices are all plus delivery and vat)
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Auto Feeders

These are the feeders we have been using for a number of years on our own fish farm. I think they are as good as you can get for a reason price.
The feeder units are totally automatic and will feed up to 6 times a day and comfortably throw a 6mm pellet 30 yards. These feeders have been very reliable and will help optimise feed conversation rates from pellet to fish weight. 
The timer units have an internal battery that makes it easy to save feeding programs during use. These are stored in a bucket with the battery on a feeding stand to allow easy access to the timer.
The spinner heads have specially designed flaps to prevent wildfowl from stealing your expensive fish food and prevent loss of pellet during high winds.

Feeder heads with timer and bucket
12v 12amp hour battery  £25.00
Recycled feeder bins £30.00
Feeder stands  £100.00 (kit form)
Spare timers £15.00
Spare Spinner Plates 
Back Plates 
(Prices are plus delivery and vat)

£100.00 (kit form)

Water Weed Cutter

The Cutter has been specially designed to quickly and easily cut away weed with out fouling in rivers, canals and ponds both upstream and downstream

Its spring steels blade are serrated on both edges and as each blade is twisted there is always a cutting edge presented to the weed. Extremely light, a set of nine blades weighing under 5 kilos, including the chains. Clearweed is easy to handle and can be carried in a car boot.

Cutting upstream, all weed can be cleared by using the cutter on the river bed. Cutting downstream a controlled amount of weed, if need to provide aquatic life for fish can be left. The slower the Cutter is used the deeper the cut.

Made up in 36 inch sections to any required length. Chain weights supplied free. The standard length is nine sections making up 27 feet, units can be joined to make longer cutters
£200.00 plus vat

Fish Traps

These easy to use fish traps are ideal for catching a range of fish species. They are excellent for catching fish for health checks where the cost of a full days netting or electric fishing would be prohibitive.

They are strong, light, easy to handle and fold up for easy of transport.
The traps are 1000mm in length and 600mm diameter with a 200mm none return net opening.
The traps turn inside out easily to allow the removal of captured stock.
The traps cost £35.00 each or we are offering 4 for £100.00.
Rodent Boxes

These carpy green rodent bait stations are ideal for fisheries with rodent issues. They have two bait rooms with spikes for bait block and can also house a strong snap trap if you do not want to use poisons.

Features a superior stainless steel locking mechanism for consistent secure operation. Hinged end opening with top key entry offers excellent servicing speed - opens and re-locks in under 3 seconds using the Versa key.
These British made traps are £7.75 each plus postage and vat.

Discounts are available for larger orders.

Power Rat Killer Traps 

These traps are designed with an EASY-SET mechanism, an expanded trigger and powerful kill jaw to stop your rodent problems. The traps are £ 4.00 each plus postage and vat.
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