Fish Traps

These easy to use fish traps are ideal for catching a range of fish species. They are excellent for catching fish for health checks where the cost of a full days netting or electric fishing would be prohibitive.

They are strong, light, easy to handle and fold up for easy of transport.
The traps are 1000mm in length and 600mm diameter with a 200mm none return net opening.
The traps turn inside out easily to allow the removal of captured stock.
The traps cost £35.00 each or we are offering 4 for £100.00.
Rodent Boxes

These carpy green rodent bait stations are ideal for fisheries with rodent issues. They have two bait rooms with spikes for bait block and can also house a strong snap trap if you do not want to use poisons.

Features a superior stainless steel locking mechanism for consistent secure operation. Hinged end opening with top key entry offers excellent servicing speed - opens and re-locks in under 3 seconds using the Versa key.
These British made traps are £7.75 each plus postage and vat.

Discounts are available for larger orders.

Power Rat Killer Traps 

These traps are designed with an EASY-SET mechanism, an expanded trigger and powerful kill jaw to stop your rodent problems. The traps are £ 4.00 each plus postage and vat.
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