Bio VX

With all of the tragic KHV outbreaks this year we have been working with BIOLINK to make their superb BIO VX concentrated virucidal disinfectant available to fishery managers, fish farmers and angling organisations. This disinfectant has been tested by CEFAS and is effective against KHV.

Bio VX is broad spectrum and effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and all known classes of virus. Because of superior dilution rates it is highly cost-effective, works equally well in both hard and soft water and is unaffected by temperature.

General Properties
Bio VX is a pink powder consisting of a stabilised blend of peroxygen
compounds, surfactants, organic acids and an inorganic buffer system.

Instruction for Use
Use Bio VX as a dip for angling and fishery equipment.
Manufacturer’s recommendations are a dilution rate of 1:200 which
equates to 0.5kg to 100l of water. Equipment should be fully
immersed in the disinfectant and not rinsed in clean water. 

If your fishery has had a KHV outbreak you should use the
​CEFAS recommended rate of 1:100 which equates to 1kg per 100l.
1kg pack: (enough to treat
200l of water)                            £15.00
5kg bucket: (enough to treat
1000l of water)                          £50.00
10kg bucket: (enough to
treat 2000l of water)                 £80.00
25kg bucket: (enough to
treat 5000l of water)              £160.00

(Prices are all plus delivery and vat)
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BIo VX Net Dips

The protection of your valuable stock is essential for the future of your business, club or fishery. 
The provision of net dips at the entrance of your site is one way you can help to safe guard you fish from viral, bacterial and other pathogens.
Bio VX is a fully CEFAS tested disinfectant that is effective against bacteria and viruses including Koi Herpes Virus (KHV).
The powder when mixed with water makes a bright pink liquid which allows you to monitor the dips effectiveness, when the colour starts to fade its time to change your dip.

The dose rate is 1:100 i.e. 1kg of Bio VX powder per 100l of water.
Once the colour has faded the old dip can be disposed of to ground or drain. The scientists at Bio Link, the Environment Agency and CEFAS are happy for this type of disposal their advice given (if drains are not available) is to tip the spent dip onto the ground 50m away from the waters edge. The active ingredients are rapidly degraded in contact with the soil.
The Bio VX is available in 1kg, 5kg and 10kg buckets the prices are £25, £47.50 & £78.00 plus postage and vat.
There are good discounts available for bulk orders.
Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries about Bio Security.

Net Dip Signage

We have two designs of signage to encourage your anglers to use the net dips. 
The large full design with instructions; £25.00 each plus delivery and vat. 
The smaller designs; £15.00 each plus delivery and vat
Rock Salt

Carp naturally require minerals found within Rock Salt and they find it very attractive, almost irresistible at some times of the year.

It may be that the carp are able to mitigate osmotic loses via seeking out Rock Salt. It seems particularly effective in spring time when the fish may use it for physiological support and to help rid themselves of ecto parasites, such as leeches and fish lice, that have built up over the colder months.

One thing is clear carp find Rock Salt very attractive.

If using Rock Salt in your fishery for management or angling please use it sensibly. Too much salt can be detrimental to the aquatic ecosystem.
5kg                                              £10.00
10kg                                            £15.00
20kg                                            £20.00

(Prices are all plus delivery and vat)
Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime or Calcium Hydroxide is used to breakdown organic silt in situ. The dose rate is 250-300kg per hectare or roughly 250-350lbs per acre.​​​​​​​​

The best time to apply hydrated lime is December through to March.

Hydrated Lime should be evenly applied to the waters’ surface where required. We would suggest that a maximum of 20% of the water area is treated at any one time.

Hydrated Lime can be harmful to aquatic life.
It is ideal for spot treatment of small silty areas within lakes and ponds.

Liming To Sterilize
Hydrated lime, or calcium hydroxide, is also used in commercial fish production ponds. While it will increase total hardness (the calcium component), and temporarily increase the total alkalinity (the hydroxide component), its primary effect is to raise the pH of mud and water quickly and dramatically.
Ponds should be drained and cleaned prior to applying this product. Enough hydrated lime should be added to cover the entire pond bottom with a thin layer (approximately 900kg per acre), and then water added. The pH in the upper layer of the mud and in the water will rapidly rise to 12 or higher, a level which will kill most disease agents and/or pests. The elevated pH will last for about a week, prohibiting any stocking of fish. Always check the pH before stocking.

Adding hydrated lime is not recommended when fish are present in the pond. The rapid increase in pH is almost always lethal to fish.

The use of hydrated lime is recommended when there is any concern of carrying diseases or pests over to the next crop. It has limited, long-term impact on total alkalinity and pH.

Appropriate safety measures should be taken to prevent he inhalation of its dust, those applying it should wear hooded suits, gauntlet gloves, face masks and goggles.

Liming should not be carried out in wet or windy weather.
1 bag (25kg)                               £25.00
10 bags                                     £120.00
½ tonne                                    £200.00
1 tonne                                     £330.00

(Prices are all plus delivery and vat)
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