AJS offer a full advisory and management service covering all aspects of fishery and waterbody management. The expert advice given is based on sound academic knowledge and many years of practical experience.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Recreational fishery management: The management of waterbody's for angling
  • Fish farming, fishing ranching and cropping: Generating income from fish production
  • Farm diversification: The use of waterbody's on farms to produce sustainable income streams
  • Pond construction/restoration and rehabilitation: Creating and managing waterbody's to provide optimum returns
  • Aquatic weed control
  • Fisheries and wetland conservation
  • Fish stock assessment and stocking policiesFish health and disease
  • Silt management
  • Fishery/Waterbody management planning

Consultation reports are tailored to individual customers requirements and can be in any form, from advisory notes to scientific papers, simple documents to full presentations including illustrations and photography.


  1. Anthony Silvester
    Anthony Silvester
  2. Ben Emptage
    Ben Emptage
  3. Andrew Chadwick
    Andrew Chadwick
AJS is owned and run by Anthony Silvester,
a Fisheries Science graduate with over 30 years practical experience of fisheries and waterbody management. Presently he oversees 300 acres of angling lakes, a CEFAS registered fish farm & a rapidly expanding range of Fishery Management Products. For a number of years, Anthony lectured fishery management and fish farming. He remains committed to helping clients to get the best out of their waters.
Ben is a Fisheries Management & Aquaculture Graduate with extensive knowledge & practical experience. Second in command he leads our Fishery Surveys, Events, Social Media & Education Programs & is a Fully Qualified Angling Trust Coach. Ben is a passionate all round angler and enjoys all aspects of fisheries management, especially seeing the positive transformation of our projects here at AJS fisheries which make all his hard work worthwhile.

Andrew is the latest addition to the AJS Team. Having graduated in Aquaculture & Fisheries Management he has gained experience from working at various different fish farming sites including ornamental, restocking & even for the food-table. Whilst working in Malta with an R & D company he developed a good understanding of intensive fish husbandry and the importance of bio security, fish disease, virus prevention-control and vaccination. Andrew is an avid angler who has great respect for the wider Environment and is happy to share his knowledge through his Level 1 Coaching Award.