Belvoir Lakes Fishery, Cobleas Lane, Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir, Grantham, Lincolnshire. NG32 1LU

Fishing information

The fishery is made up of two waters, a 12 acre lake known as the Lower Lake & the Small Lake  which is 1/4 of an acre. These typical estate lakes are shallow & silty with a variety of features for the angler to fish to including islands, streambeds, bloodworm beds and waterfalls.

Fish Stocks

The Lower Lake holds around 400 fish up to mid thirties, with the average weight being upper doubles. There are plenty of 20's and a variety of strains including our own scaly carp.

The fish are growing very well and will surely produce a good number of thirties in the next few years.


Site specific rules

Anglers can use a maximum of 3 rods.
Belvoir is our only water where bait boats are allowed. There are a number of events held in the Castle Grounds each year that may affect the angling.